DFB plans legal action against FIFA

According to Bild, the DFB is planning on taking legal action against football’s governing body, FIFA. The dispute is over the One Love armbands which Germany’s captain Manuel Neuer was planning to wear alongside other captains from several European countries such as England and the Netherlands. 

As per the report, the DFB plans to sue FIFA through the International Court of Arbitration for Sport or CAS for short. Ahead of England’s first group game on Monday Harry Kane was expected to be the first European captain to wear the armband. However, FIFA threatened sporting sanctions against any captain wearing the band but were unclear what these sanctions would be. 

Steffen Simon, a DFB Spokesman explained: “FIFA has banned us from showing a symbol of diversity and human rights. They combined this ban with massive threats of sporting sanctions without specifying them. The DFB is checking whether this action by FIFA was legal.”

With this motion in place, the DFB hopes that Manuel Neuer can wear the One Love armband during their second group stage match against Spain on Sunday without fearing any consequences. 

GGFN | Jamie Allen

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