Darmstadt pen open letter to fans banning supporters carrying signs asking players for their shirts

In an open letter addressed to fans, 2. Bundesliga side Darmstadt have asked supporters not to bring signs asking for player jerseys.

“Like in many stadiums, it is often the case that creative signs and banners ask for our jerseys. Of course, we are honoured by these requests,” read the letter. However, according to the team, other fans suffer from a restrictive view because of said signs.

“Unfortunately, the enquiries have now simply gotten out of hand across Europe, and thus also here at the Bölle. Most recently, kids with signs were sitting on large parts of the fence, with the result that we were told that fans behind us could no longer see anything of the game.”

Darmstadt further added: “On top of that, we’ve noticed that many recently released jerseys have immediately ended up on auction platforms and have been monetised, which is really not in our interest when it comes to giving them away.”

The letter ended: “If we have the opportunity to give away a jersey, we will do so in the future, but we will no longer give away jerseys to fans with signs. This is a fundamental decision made for reasons of fairness, which we hope you can understand.”


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