Bayern Munich without Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller against Hoffenheim

Ahead of Bayern Munich’s game against in-form Hoffenheim on Saturday, Julian Nagelsmann has confirmed that he will be without both Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller.

“Manu won’t play tomorrow,” said Nagelsmann. “He’s still feeling some pain. It’s likely that he will also miss the game against Barcelona. We’re aiming for him to return against Mainz (October 29). We will need to wait until his shoulder heals enough so that he can play.”

Nagelsmann doesn’t believe that Neuer’s injury will affect his participation at the World Cup, adding: “We try to evaluate the whole situation. It’s a tough spot in the shoulder joint. One day it’s better, another day worse. I assume and hope that he will be back against Mainz.”

Bayern will also be without Müller for tomorrow’s game against Hoffenheim. “He’s out with a stomach ailment. He’s lying flat. It’ll probably be fine again tomorrow but he won’t be flying. He has to stay at home. He’s angry because his body is on strike a bit. First Corona, then injured and now stomach ache.”

GGFN | Daniel Pinder

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