FIFA 20 | Bundesliga FUTball #1

Get German Football News welcomes you to the first instalment of Bundesliga FUTball, a new series of articles looking at Bundesliga players in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The purpose of these articles will be to keep Bundesliga fans informed about players on FUT20, keeping an eye on promos such as Bundesliga POTM, Future Stars and FUTMAS, as well as analysing investment methods and tactics, Bundesliga player reviews, as well as FUT TOTW predictions and summaries. If, like me, you are a huge football fan, FUT is a great way to immerse yourself in football with a contemporary feel and up to date focus. Although, it goes without saying that FUT often can feel very far from real life football, so it is worth noting that these articles and my views are purely contextual to the game, with an attempt to compare to real life Bundesliga.

The game will be out Tuesday 24th September if you pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition or Champions Edition of FIFA 20, if not the game is due for general release 27th September.

Bundesliga Player Of The Month

Robert Lewandowski has been crowned POTM for August which means he will receive a special card (out 27th September). All I can say on this is that it is unusual for such a high rated  player to get POTM early in FUT when most players don’t have much money, which is why Teemu Pukki won the award for the English Premier League (84 overall rated), Lewandowski will be 90 overall. This set therefore, will be expensive as Lewandowski is already around 100,000 coins, so the set is likely to be 150,000-200,000 coins. Requirements are likely to be a twin set, his base card in one set, and an 84 rated squad in the other with at least two Bundesliga players at a guess. Although I must stress this is an educated guess going of previous similar set requirements.

Team of the Week 1

Team of the Week 1 saw Thomas Delaney pick up an In-form item. If you have sufficient funds available currently, he is well worth picking up, not only from a quality standpoint (excellent in-game), but from an investment one too. Classically TOTW 1 players only rise in value due to FUT players not having funds for the bigger names so early in the game. For instance, I purchased IF Delaney for around 35,000 coins, and he is at 50,000 already, just two days later. The Dane was the only Bundesliga player to get into the first TOTW for his performance against Bayer 04.

This article should hopefully give you a taster of what to expect from the series. No promo involving Bundesliga players will go unnoticed. With it being the early stages of the game there is not a great deal to discuss but the roster of Bundesliga players on the game will only increase and the action should get better. In the next article, I will run through some investment ideas, ways to make easy money and any other promos that have come to surface, as well potential player reviews.

By Cameron O’Mara.


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