Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeneß on state owned clubs like Manchester City/PSG: “Our fans would never accept it.”

Speaking in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeneß discussed Manchester City’s Leroy Sané, the Bavarian’s dominance in the Bundesliga and why the club will never become a Manchester City or PSG.

… On whether they’ll continue to pursue Leroy Sané: “We have to wait and see how his recovery is shaping up, and in January or February, the new decision makers will sit down and contemplate.”

… On Bayern Munich’s finances and his future: “The club is financially healthy, we have a fantastic stadium that belongs to us and is completely paid off. We have a rejuvenated team that’s on a good way for the coming years. That’s why I thought it was the right time to say goodbye. I will remain on the board until at least 2023. If someone asks me for advice, I will help, but I will not impose myself on the new bosses. If they do not need me, I will keep myself on the background.”

… On the criticism Niko Kovač received: “I never understood that. He was a young coach without much international experience, but still he has won two titles and built a new team.”

… On Bayern Munich’s dominance: “The problem is that when we win, everyone says it’s not good for the league, but when we lose, they all demand to dismiss those responsible, so I’d rather win the Bundesliga.”

… On why Bayern Munich will never be a Manchester City/PSG: “I don’t think that will ever happen (with us). Our fans would never accept it. They want a football club as a family, without debt and oligarchs, or countries as sponsors, I’m not saying it’s not okay, but we’re taking a different path.”


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