SC Freiburg | Season Preview 2018/19

Christian Streich’s boys from Schwarzwald had a very interesting season last time out. With a sensational attacker in Nils Petersen, they were often carried on the capable shoulders of one player. They looked up to him and he delivered whenever it mattered. But with a faltering defence, Freiburg might once again feel lost in a world they might not belong in.

This small club from Southern Baden have shocked us all on multiple occasions with their unity and strength and their sensational ability to deliver when it really matters, no matter who’s on the other side of the turf. Last season was good enough to stay up and while replicating that might become a task too hard, they are certainly looking at staying up as a minimum. Will they make it? I’m not sure. It might be the weakest squad in the Bundesliga, having lost Soyuncu and Kempf to economically greater powers, but the unity and strength that Streich’s leadership produces should not be underestimated.

Having a very neat and tight stadium, that also happens to be one of the most difficult to play in, Freiburg have always had the opportunities to win games at home. Their away form has, however, often been the main problem and this seems to be the case this time around as well. Having lost their first home game of the season to Frankfurt, their home form needs picking up if this season is going to end happily for them. But with Streich, anything is possible. Hard work and fighting spirit can lead to greatness.

Managerial Background – Christian Streich

Christian Streich is the biking mafioso of Baden, a mastermind and a charismatic philosopher that tends to strike down on those speaking out against him. He has a tendency to comment on heated subjects witha very wise and clever tone and this tone shows on the pitch. His players and tactics are rarely anything spectacular, but they often prove to be quite useful when the going gets rough.

Summer Transfers

Their summer has been highly mediocre. Dominique Heintz was brought in to play central defender alongside Manuel Gulde and Gian-Luca Waldschmidt was bought from HSV for about €5 million. This is the Freiburg way, but this year it might just not be enough. Brandon Borriello was brought in from Kaiserslautern as well in a marvellous deal for both parties. While he might not be good enough for Bundesliga just yet, his quaity and potential shone through on multiple occasions in 2. Bundesliga last season.

The expactations are low. Staying up is the objective, something they might find hard to achieve.

Starting XI (4-3-3)

Schwolow- Gunter, Gulde, Heintz, Stenzel- Höfler, Gondorf, Frantz- Waldschmidt, Petersen, Niederlechner

By Axel Falk.


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