RB Leipzig to revoke season tickets for no-shows

Empty seats at RB Leipzig’s Red Bull Arena has been a big problem for the Bundesliga club. And now, according to Bild, the Saxony club will take action.

With 32,000 season tickets sold for the 2023/24 season, on average, one in four season ticket holders don’t show up, which equated to around 7,600 fans. Because of the season tickets, the club announces the occupancy at 100%, but there are many empty seats.

According to the report, there were 300 season tickets holders that used their card just one this season, their Bundesliga game against Bayern Munich. Because of this, RB Leipzig are having to react by introducing a minimum number of games that they must attend, or risk getting their season ticket revoked.

The club say that season ticket holders must attend 10 of the 17 home games in order to retain their season ticket, which has been communicated to the fans with the majority in favour of it.

But not only that, season ticket prices are on the rise. Per Bild, this equated to around €1 per game with the cheapest ticket now costing €245 instead of €228 with the most expensive coming in at €945 instead of €924.

GGFN | Daniel Pinder

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